Bearings in Food & Drink Sector webinars

Presented by SKF

This specialist food & drink webinar will cover:

  • Key issues in food & drink processing that impact on bearings
  • Bearing products suited to your industry
  • The value of technology upgrades, using real world examples
  • How to manage lubrication as a strategy
  • How bearing can risk food safety and how to reduce that risk
  • Exciting new food & drink bearing products coming your way

The webinar will be hosted by our dedicated SKF Bearings Product Manager, Alan Stewart, and presented by David Oliver, Channel and Platform Manager Bearings and Units, Industry Manager – Food and Beverage at SKF UK. David is well known and respected, with 16 years at SKF and over 40 years in the industry, so his knowledge and insight is invaluable. The Q&A session held at the end of the webinar is an ideal opportunity to quiz these bearings experts!

Join us on a date and time to suit you:

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